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Jazz Rescue

So much music. So little time! There is so much wonderful music to bring out, and musical interests may differ within a band. Although Bluegrass constitutes Mikki's musical roots, her musical interests extend beyond that form. My (David's) musical upbringing was decidedly eclectic, and there are many forms I am drawn to explore. Untethered has allowed us to express quite a range of styles, but Mikki also wanted to branch out into vintage jazz too. Ed doesn't (at least at the time of this writing - 11/2014) seem inclined in that direction, so in September of 2014 Mikki and I decided to develop an act as vintage jazz duo, performing jazz from the 1920's & 30's, as well as originals and contemporary songs that are in that style. Many of our arrangements are guitar, violin, and two-part vocal harmonies. But as the image suggests, you're also likely to encounter one or the other of us on the bass. It's a lot of fun to discover the richness one can bring to a piece with just two performers!

News Flash! Jazz Rescue now has it's own website! Come check out our videos at Jazz Rescue's Website

While Jazz Rescue has become my primary music project, it does not replace Untethered for either of us. It just allows us to explore some places that Untethered does not seem inclined to wander.

Below are some home recorded demo songs performed by David Pierce & Mikki Larrick as the vintage jazz duo, "Jazz Rescue". All songs are presented here for demonstration and educational purposes only.



Performed by

Almost Like Being In Love

Alan Jay Lerner/Frederick Lowe (1947)

Jazz Rescue

Autumn Leaves

Joseph Kosma/Johnny Mercer (1947)

Jazz Rescue

Dark Eyes

Florian Herrmann (1884)

Jazz Rescue

Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home

Hughie Cannon (1902)

Jazz Rescue

I Can't Give You Anything But Love

Jimmy McHugh/Dorothy Fields (1928)

Jazz Rescue

Somewhere In The Moonlight

David M. Pierce (2014)

Jazz Rescue

It Had to be You

Isham Jones/Gus Kahn (1924)

Jazz Rescue

Best Things In Life (Aren't Things)

David M. Pierce (2009)

David M. Pierce

September In The Rain

Harry Warren/Al Dubin (1937)

Jazz Rescue

Baby You're the Greatest

David M. Pierce (2015)

David M. Pierce

If you would like to hear some of David's older, personal compositions, please Click Here

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While working the front office at Enloe Cancer Center’s acupuncture clinic in the winter of 2011, I met bluegrass musician, Mikki Feeney, while she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. We got to talking about our mutual love of music. Mikki was interested in expressing music outside of the Bluegrass form, and when she learned that I could pull up a vocal harmony on the fly, she suggested that we play some music together. A few subsequent afternoons, Mikki hauled her double bass, guitar, and fiddle into the cancer center library. I’d clock out (no music-making on company time) and we would jam. It was another instant fit. I invited Ed to join in, and after a couple of missed sessions, he finally made it to a jam. Thus "Untethered” was born, - a folk trio that gets toes tapping with a delightfully eclectic mix of acoustic music and sparkling vocal harmonies. Our repertoire spans the folk, country, popular, and folk-rock genres from the 1950s to the present, with a sprinkling of originals as well. In addition to public performances and music-for-hire, the trio also continues to provide volunteer music service almost every week somewhere at Enloe Medical Center, usually at the Cancer Center, Rehabilitation Center, or the Behavioral Health Center.

I am very happy to report that, as of this writing (March 2014), Mikki is cancer-free and has returned to the glow of health. She is making music full time with a number of projects of her own, including the Mill Creek Rising Bluegrass Band.

Below are some songs from our repertior, recorded live at a private party. All songs are presented here for demonstration and educational purposes only.

1 Runaway (Del Shannon)
2 The Boxer (Simon & Garfunkel)
3 Come Monday (Jimmy Buffett)
4 These Boots Were Made for Walking (Nancy Sinatra)
5 A Summer Song (Chad & Jeremy)
6 The Best Things in Life (Dave Pierce)
7 Can’t Go On (Ed Stopper)
8 King of the Road (Rodger Miller)
9 All I Have to Do Is Dream (Everly Brothers)
10 Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)
11 Ghost Riders in the Sky (Sons of the Pioneers)
12 Stray Cat Strut (The Stray Cats)
13 Home (Phillip Phillips)
14 Wagon Wheel (Old Crow Medicine Show)
15 Forever Young (Bob Dylan)
16 Walkin’ ‘Round In Women’s Underwear (Bob Rivers)
17 Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash)

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Enloe Medical Center - Volunteer Musicians Program "Music for Healing"

In 2006, while working at the Enloe Regional Cancer as a Patient Support Clerk, I encountered Celtic harpist, Janice Williams, providing music for patients and their families in the waiting room of the Radiation Oncology wing. Janice’s music inspired me to put together a solo CD of covers of a variety of popular songs and submit it to the support program’s coordinator, Rebecca Senoglu, for consideration. I was invited to provide music in the infusion suite on a regular basis and appeared weekly.

Two years later, in 2008, I was approached by Enloe Medical Center’s, Planetree Coordinator, Traci Hunt RN, and Enloe Community Outreach Coordinator, Trudy Duisenberg, to bring a more formal structure to volunteer music service at Enloe, and to facilitate a partnership with the Music Department at California State University, Chico School of Arts, and Chico Performances. The result of this collaboration was the Music for Healing, Volunteer Musicians Program, at Enloe Medical Center.

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The DavEd Duo

Performing solo all the time can get lonely. It is also limiting in that it does not afford me the opportunity to participate in the vocal harmony that I so love, nor experience the magic that happens when musicians share in the “Groove” together. In 2007 I invited former coworker, FlightCare Dispatcher, Ed Stopper, to join me in my musical volunteer efforts. The blend of my finger-style 12-string guitar work with Ed’s flat-pick rhythm guitar, and the pairing of my vocal harmonies with Ed’s lead vocals was an immediate fit. We began appearing as a duo in the infusion suite every other week as Ed’s work schedule in dispatch permitted. We also played out from time to time as “The DavEd Duo”. Here’s a link to a fun project we collaborated on in late 2012: The Ballad of FlightCare, written by Ed.

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Outside Edge

In the fall of 2013 I performed with David “Dragonboy” Sutherland, as “Outside Edge” for an art show at the Avenue 9 Gallery in Chico, California. Here’s a brief vid of us someone posted on YouTube.

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Hypnotherapy Apps & Free Hypnotherapy mp3s

From August 1998 through December 2013 I maintained a part-time practice as a hypnotherapist. During that time I produced several hypnotherapy mp3's (each about 14 minutes long) which I made freely available on the web. You can still download them for free via the following links:

In 2011 I collaborated with Lepeng Li and his company, iMobLife, specializing in Health and Fitness apps for handheld mobile devices, to produce a number of hypnotherapy apps for iPhone & iPad. With luck, they may still be available (things are always changing). Here's a page with links to the apps.