(Tapping microphone) Ahem..testing, testing. Is anyone out there or have the sysops dropped this chatlinked forum, in fear of repercussions due to the passage of the new telecommunications bill, in the event that one of us poets posts something unsuitable for little Suzy?


Twas Intel in the PC Clones
Fans wired and whining in the bay
Most bulky were the training tomes
On the hard-drive array

Beware the FCC, my son;
no smut in text, no flesh on GIFs!
Beware the glutinous IRS
and shun insidious clipper chips.

He took his Macintosh in hand,
Long time the archive site he’d sought
Then rested he by his CRT
and SLIP’d awhile in thought

And as in nerdish thought he SLIP’d
The FCC!, modems ablaze
Came snideling through the BBS! (snidel, snidel, snidel)
And tweedled as it came! (tweedle, tweedle, tweedle)

His serial port slung ASCII code, as mainframes he did hack!
He FTP’d a JPG
and went Telnetting back! (telnet, telnet, telnet)

And hast thou hacked the server host?
Login to my MUD, my geekish boy!
Public domain! a-to-b! b-to-a!
He smiley’d in his joy (smiley, smiley, smiley ;)

© David M. Pierce 1996