On figuring out what I came here for
(with apologies to Dr Seuss)

I've puzzled and puzzed till my puzzler was sore.
Then I've puzzled and puzzed and puzzled some more.
I've consulted the tea leaves; consulted the stars.
I've consulted the IChing, psychics, and cards.
I've chanted, and panted, danced dervish dances, and Quested
And done some things that nearly have got me arrested.
I've catharted frustration and tried meditation.
I've read text after text on "Self-actualization".
Then one day, in trance, I asked of the blue:
Please tell me, just what is it I'm s'posed to do?
My friend, you're in luck, spoke bright little voices.
You've been blessed, and yet cursed, with so many choices.
Now here is a thought that may take some chewing:
It's what you are being while you're busy doing.

© David M. Pierce 2001