This one was inspired by the Bulgarian song "Vetcheryai Rado" (Come to Supper Rado). I first heard this haunting song when I was a child, on the 1955 release of "Music of Bulgaria - Ensemble of the Bulgarian Republic. Philip Koutev, conductor" (Electra/Nonesuch). The album was re-released on CD in 1989 on the Electra/Asylum/Nonesuch label (WEA International Inc. outside of the United States). I believe it is still available. -dp

Come to supper little one

Come to supper little one.
There will be time enough
to mourn.

      are gone
and I
am here.
with warm, salty broth
and soft, sweet bread.
with arms to hold you
and a heart large enough
for your tears.

Come to supper little one.

© David M. Pierce 1993