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Title: Wild Geese
Composer: David M. Pierce
Performed by: David M. Pierce (see "Technical Information" below for additional information)
Written & Recorded: Written & Recorded November 2009 in "The Groove Mine" studio (aka David's crafts room/guest bedroom)































Wild Geese

Verse 1

He said, at night I wake to the sad sweet song
of the wild geese on the wing
'tis a song so clear that ere long I fear
my soul will up and wheel away

For my heart knows what the wild goose knows
And my heart goes where the wild goose goes

Verse 2

'tis a wondrous thing to ride the crest
of moonlit wing and feathered breast
Across the night for ere I quest
until my soul may find its rest

For my hear knows what the wild goose knows
And my heart goes where the wild goose goes

Instrumental Bridge

Verse 3

She said afore ye go come rest your head
Afore ye go come share my bed
Pray leave with me that trace of you
that I may still one day look on your eyes

For my true heart knows what the wild goose knows
And my true heart's gone where the wild goose goes.

Technical Information:





Ridiculously nit-picky details:

Mic's: Vocals - Sure SM58; Guitar - Sure SM57 aimed at bridge at a distance of about 4" to 6"
Guitar: 1982 Taylor 555
Digital Recording, Editing, and Mixing notes:
The guitar and vocals were recorded in as separate takes in Audacity (Mac OS X), then imported into DidgiDesigns - ProTools Free (Mac OS9) for editing and mixdown.
The sounds of migrating Canada Geese was sampled from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology (Flight Calls recorded by Michael J. Andersen, New York, May 2005)
The sound of wind was sampled from the beginning of "We Follow A Star" by Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning, on the "Celtic Christmas" CD (Windham Hill Records 1995)
The recorder music during the instrumental breaks was constructed of samples from "Women of Ireland" by Joanie Madden, on the "Celtic Twilight" CD (Hearts of Space 1994)
mp3 encoding: iTunes 9 (Mac OS X)

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