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Title: Sierra Madre
Composer: David M. Pierce
Performed by: David M. Pierce
Written & Recorded: Written & Recorded November 2012 in "The Groove Mine" studio (aka David's crafts room/guest bedroom)































Sierra Madre

4/4 Briskly w/ accent on up beats

Intro: A (1 bar)

Verse 1

No time left to snooze or sleep
I try to find the light, kick the covers off
And slowly struggle to my feet
Rub the sleep out of my eyes
As the leaves of autumn fly
Past my windshield
On the freeway headed south
The taste of coffee burns my mouth
The rain-slick highways shine
And the taillight ribbons bind
Up the miles

Verse 2

Life seemed always pretty good
Always doing what I should
I keep it safe I keep it simple
Always steady like a rock
Like the ticking of the clock
That counts my life down
Like the mileage paddle-bars
That stand and watch the passing cars
But like a cat out in the night
Blinded in the white headlight
I never saw you coming


You owned my soul with just a glance
And though we only shared a dance
You whispered in my ear
Something my heart longed to hear
Something dangerous.

Verse 3

You said meet me in Sierra Madre
On the Foothill Boulevard
Meet me in Sierra Madre
Please don’t make me wait too long
Meet me in Sierra Madre
Please don’t make me wait too long
Meet me in Sierra Madre

Technical Information:





Ridiculously nit-picky details:

Vocal Mic: Audio Technica AT2020
Guitar Mic: Audio Technica AT2020, LR Baggs Under-Saddle pick-up. Each recorded to individual tracks then mixed during mixdown.
Guitar: 1982 Taylor 555 (finger style, plucking full chords on upbeat)
Bass: Garage Band for iPod Touch - upright bass voice
Percussion: Garage Band for iPod Touch - vinage kit
Digital Recording, Editing, and Mixing notes:
The guitar and vocal tracks were recorded in separate takes. Bass & Drums recorded as samples from iPod running Garage Band, then edited.
Digital Audio Software: Garage Band for iPod. DidgiDesigns - ProTools Free (Mac OS9) for recording, editing, efx, and mixdown.
mp3 encoding: iTunes 10.5

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