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Title: Ony Me & My Guitar
Composer: David M. Pierce
Performed by: David M. Pierce
Written & Recorded: Written July 2009. Recorded August 2009 in "The Groove Mine" studio (aka David's crafts room/guest bedroom)































Only Me and My Guitar

Was it something left unsaid?
Something that I should have read,
something that you left between the lines,
for me to find.

Only me and my guitar
Left staring at the fading wall
as the shadows lengthen up the stair
and down the hall

And the orphaned moon and stars
now press against the groaning windows
with the weight of words unspoken

and like a fallen house of cards
we're left to sit among the shards
of a promise that was broken

Only me and my guitar
left stranded in the velvet night
huddled 'neath the clear and distant stars
we watch the cars.

And the daylight rushes towards me
at eight-hundred miles an hour
cross the oceans, cross the water

cross the mountains, cross the valleys
cross the rivers on the prairies
touch the cities, touch the flowers

Touching me and my guitar

Technical Information:





Ridiculously nit-picky details:

Mic's: Sure SM 58, & SM 57
Guitar: 1982 Taylor 555
Digital Recording, Editing, and Mixing notes:
The guitar and vocal tracks were recorded in separate takes. The guitar was mic'd with the SM 57
Vocal mic'd with SM 58
Digital Audio Software: Audacity (Mac OSX) exported to aiff format for import into DidgiDesigns - ProTools Free (Mac OS9) for editing, efx, and mixdown.
mp3 encoding: Audacity (Mac OSX)

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