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This is a wonderful message about life that was originally given to me in early 1990, on a cassette tape that was a copy several generations over. It is a child's voice, yet one that has an ancient quality to it, accompanied by a simple and lovely piano line, delivering a message about the Mystery that is existence.

The person who gave me the tape did not know the origin of the material it contained, nor did the person who gave it to him. The source of this inspirational message remained a mystery to me for many years, and became a "touchstone" for me. I decided to preserve it by digitally recording it and using some noise reduction software and equalization to clean up, as best I could, the audio which had deteriorated due to being copied many generations over. I thought others might also find enjoyment and inspiration in this piece, so I decided to post it on my website. Judging by the spirit of the message, I figured the author(s) would approve.

Finally, after having this file posted on this website for several years, a couple of people have contacted me and informed me of the author of this piece. It was created in the early 1980's by a spiritual teacher, then known as Bubba Free John (later called Da Free John, and most recently known as Rucharia Adi Da Samraj) as a teaching for children in their spiritual community.

Enjoy. -dp-

Title: The Mystery
File name: the_mystery.mp3 File size: 2.9 meg
Author/Composer: Bubba Free John (Da Free John, Rucharia Adi Da Samraj)
Performed by: Unknown

Transcript of Message: The Mystery

Nobody. Not Mom, or Dad, or Grandmother, or Grandfather, or big sister, or big brother, or teachers, or doctors, or soldiers, or reverunds, or atheletes, or lawyers, or TV stars, or any people who are working, or any people who are playing; not even the president, not even a king or a queen, not even people who love each other know what a single thing is.

It is a great and wonderful mystery, to all of us, that anything is or that we are. And whether somebody says "I don't know how anything came to be" or "God made everything", they are simply pointing to [the] feeling of The Mystery of how everything is, but nobody knows what it really is or how it came to be.

As long as we go on feeling this mystery we feel free and full and happy, and we feel and act free and full and happy to others. This is the secret of being happy, from the time you are small until the time you are old.

If you will remeber everyday to feel The Mystery, and if you will remember to feel that you are more than what you look like, and if you will remember to be The Mystery itself, then you will be happy, everyday, and all kinds of wonderful happenings will come up for you. You will feel happy and you will always help and love others, even those who are having trouble feeling happy and are even trying to make you forget the Mystery.

Someday you may meet someone who has felt the Mystery really strong for a long time, so that person feels the Mystery all the time and is always happy. Such a person is the best person to learn from about happiness and life and love.

I hope you will remember to feel the Mystery everyday, as long as you are awake forever. The best thing to tell anybody is to remember to feel this. I have been doing this for a long time and it is the best and most important feeling of all. I am very happy I could tell you this. Maybe someday we will meet face-to-face. Maybe. Anyway, at least you and I will always know that at least one other person somewhere is remembering, and feeling, and loving the Mystery - right - now -.

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