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The Legend of Longeway Road

Composer: David M. Pierce
Performed by: David M. Pierce (Vocals & Guitar); Ed Stopper (Harmonica)
Written & Recorded: Written and Recorded February 2011 in "The Groove Mine" studio (aka David's crafts room/guest bedroom)































The Legend of Longeway Road

Out west in California
Out in the Mother Lode
The ghosts of Highwaymen still wait
On Longeway Road

Some said he looked like Charlie
Some said he talked like Jim
And he said that I could learn a lot
if I hung around with him.

Some said that he had powers
Though I think it was a trick
I’m told he bent aluminum
Using just his

Eyeballs blazed with fire
As he played on his guitar
Surrounded by his followers
And six broken down old

Cars and two old busses
And women full of grace
Who waited very patiently
To sit upon his

Three-wheeled motorcycle
A rolling work of art
The misbegotten offspring
Of a brass bed and golf cart

So I bought for him a Chevy Van
And a boat so he could speed
Skimming ‘cross the water
While he would smoke some

Unfiltered Camel cigarettes
Pall Mall and Lucky Strike
Drinkin’ acid cups of coffee
Eatin’ Twinkies and

Like there was no tomorrow
But his luck it soon would turn
When the volunteers of Soulsbyville
Said let the sucker

Find another place to live
As they watched the fire glow and
Consume the place that had one stood
On Longeway Road

And how the fire started
It’s still a mystery
It aint to late to place your bet in
Twain Harte or Tuolumne

Some say it was the neighbors
They wanted rid of him
But whoever struck the match that night
I’m thinkin’ it was Grim.

Where that shack was stands a new house
A stately grey abode.
I wonder is it haunted by the legend of
Longeway Road?

Technical Information:





Ridiculously nit-picky details:

Guitar: 1982 Taylor 555, with LR Baggs iBEAM underbridge transduce - direct in to mixing board.
Vocals: David Pierce, close Mic'd with Sure SM 58
Multitracking, editing, mixing, efx: Pro Tools Free (Mac OS 9.1)
mp3 encoding: iTunes (Mac OS X)

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