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Title: The Best Things In Life (Aren't Things) or Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned from the Back of a T-Shirt
Composer: David M. Pierce
Performed by: David M. Pierce
Written & Recorded: Written September 2009. Recorded October 2009 in "The Groove Mine" studio (aka David's crafts room/guest bedroom)































The Best Things In Life (Aren't Things)

Verse 1

There once was a time I thought life would be fine
If I just made lots of that (oh-bo-dee-oh) dough.
I'd climb a ladder to the stars. I'd drive the very best cars.
and the women, wine, and songs would flow.
But it wasn't quite as easy as the ad's made it sound
And then the banks and the market went down.
I got to feeling low and sad, so I asked my Mom and Dad
About the happiness and peace of mind they'd found.

Chorus 1

They said:
No rain, no rainbows
The best things in life aren't things.
Can't judge a day by the weather.
You never know what the next minute brings.
The one who dies with all of the toys
Still winds up just as dead (Sonny).
You can get rich by making more money
Or you can just require less instead. (spoken) What a concept!

Instrumental with scat

Verse 2

When my gal was young she had a shape like a fiddle.
Now she's more like a mandolin.
We've both gone gray and gotten round in the middle.
I won't tell you 'bout the shape I'm in.
It may take a little longer for to get us in tune,
And the mountains may no longer ring,
But when we're makin' music by the light of the moon,
We can still hear the angels sing.

Chorus 2

And they say:
No rain, no rainbows
The best things in life aren't things.
Just tell the truth. There'll be less to remember,
And you'll always have nothin' to hide.
When you're over the hill you just start pickin' up speed.
We could be in for a beautiful ride. (Honey!)
And it really doesn't matter what you look like -
Who you really are is really inside.

Repeat Chorus 1

No rain, no rainbows
No rain, no rainbows
No rain, no rainbows
The best thing in life
The best things in life

The best things in life aren't things.

Technical Information:





Ridiculously nit-picky details:

Mic's: Zoom H2
Guitar: 1982 Taylor 555
Digital Recording, Editing, and Mixing notes:
The guitar and vocals were recorded in as a single take using a Zoom H2 field recorder (very nifty device) in WAV format, then imported into DidgiDesigns - ProTools Free (Mac OS9) for editing and mixdown.
mp3 encoding: iTunes 9 (Mac OSX)

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